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Mail in Sharpening Service SAABR

Mail In Sharpening Service ONLY For Hair Beauty Shears, Grooming Shears, Barber Shears and Fabric Shears

Prices for Mail-In Order are  below
Mail in Sharpening Service SAABR

PayPal invoice will be send to you by email

   Customers can mail their  Scissors, Shears and etc.. to us 

       Before shipping, please email me at razorsharpnc@gmail.com to notify me about your items that need sharpening and provide me about you info( Name , Phone #, and address).  Once I receive your items, I will email an estimated price and we will send you an invoice for the appropriate payment amount ( including shipping fee of $5.99), and will begin sharpening after customer pays.  Turn around approximately 24 hours. We will ship the items the same business day after sharpened. Trucking code will be provided

      Remember if replacement parts needed for hair shears (i.e. – shear pivot screws, finger rests, bumpers/silencers, washer etc.) , then it will be an additional cost indicating in invoice. 

        Invoice can be payed with all major Credit Cards and PayPal

        We recommend that you insure your tools when sending them to us. Razor Sharp NC will not be held responsible for missing or damaged shipments.

                            Instructions for shipping: 


        Hairstylist shears should be wrapped in tissue, placed in at least a small box, but preferably placed in their appropriate factory case. Larger shears should be wrapped in newspaper, cardboard, or bubble wrap. 

        Pack the items (tools) into a sturdy box filled with folded newspaper, plastic peanuts, or bubble wrap. Care should be used to ensure that shears do not move at all during shipment. Movement can damage expensive tools and possibly injure package handlers. Please remember this when packing up your “pointy” items to be mailed. 



Ship your items to:

Razor Sharp NC

12311 Gilston Ct., Charlotte, NC 28273

        Price List For Mail-In Order ( with minimum order $35)

Barber & Grooming Shears

(bevel edge or AKA German Style)      $ 20.00

Hi-Quality Beauty Shears 

(convex edge or AKA Japanese Style) $ 20.00

Hi-Quality Grooming Shears 

(convex edge or AKA Japanese Style)  $ 20.00

Tailor, Fabric & Upholstery Shears        $ 15.00

Pinking & Scalloped Shears                  $ 15.00

Kitchen & Paper Shears                        $ 10.00

Shipping                                                 $ 5.99

Replacement of Scissor or Shear Stoppers                      $ 5.00

Replace Finger Rest or Finger Tang                                 $ 5.00

Replace Washers                                                              $ 5.00

Replace Screws, Finger Nuts, Tension Plates                  $ 5.00


mail in scissor sharpening,

mail in shear sharpening,

mail in knife sharpening,

mail in clipper blade sharpening

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