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Getting the right angle

Japanese knife sharpening
Japanese knives angles

Western style Japanese knives

10-16 degrees depending on steel quality and kind of grind
• Sharpened as above, with  Japanese wetstone for mirror finish

Knife Sharpening
regular knives angles

German and other non-Japanese knives

17-20 degrees on the final edge, depending on the quality and type of knife
• Sharpened on wet stone
• Deburring (taking off small, loose metal shavings) and finishing on hard felt wheels with compound


“I am a barber living in Queens, NY that was in desperate need for my scissors to be sharpened. After months of using my scissors, they eventually became very dull: that's when I found Steve. When he finished sharpening my scissors, I honestly thought that they just bought me a new pair because of how razor sharp they were. ”

- David J. NYC

“I have very expensive Japanese scissors and was looking for someone who has experience with sharpening this specific pair of scissors. They exceeded my expectations and was blown away by the overall quality of their service. Very well done. ”
- Sam Dunham  NC

"I have a grooming business and need to sharpen my shears and clipper blades often. Steve always did a fantastic job to keep my business running."

- Anna Romanov  NYC

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