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Are You Sharp Enough?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

No matter if you’re a professional hair stylist or an at-home amateur, it is absolutely vital that you keep your hair scissors clean, sharp and nick-free. Keeping them is the best condition possible will make a noticeable difference in the ease of use, as well as the final result of the haircut. Finely kept sharp hair scissors cut hair buy snipping each strand at the exact point at which the scissors are placed. Quality hair shears will make such a sharp snip that you’ll be able to hear it! You’ll also be able to cut a section of hair easily and accurately. These are signs that your scissors are sharp and safe to use. If you allow the hair shears to become dull, they will bend the hair over the scissors and tear it, rather than finely cut it. This will result in a poorly executed, uneven cut that will damage the ends of the hair. Not to mention, it can pull the client’s hair and be quite painful. It is vitally important to sharpen your hair scissors often, and well. You should always employ the skills of a professional when sharpening your shears because they will do the best job possible. It’s likely that you spent a lot of money on these hair scissors, so you’d hate to ruin them by trying to sharpen them yourself.

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